Why Mega Man?

One of my favorite games growing up, but as I progressed through my career I chose to adopt this little guy as my avatar because as you move through the Mega Man game, you defeat bosses and gain skills. Your starting point is, of course, a single skill. As you quickly discover, your single skill isn’t terribly effective against most of the opponents you have to choose from. If you choose to take on an opponent where your skill is not effective, the odds are against you, and you will progress much slower through the game. However, if you discover the optimal path through each opponent, inheriting the skills of these opponents one by one, you will find that the game is quite easy to master. This is how I feel about technology and ultimately my own career.


Rush, the faithful companion to Mega Man. If you are familiar with the lore, Rush was introduced as a support unit, offering up some useful tools for Mega Man to overcome his challenges. As you progress through the game, Rush sort of “levels up” if you will, offering more and more critical skills for Mega Man to make use of. This is what I want this blog to be about.

Mega Man on Rush