What Terraform Doesn't Do

Background I love terraform. It’s not without its faults, but I believe it, or things like it, are a fundamental addtion to your devops stack. However, in a lot of conversations i’ve had involving terraform I have come to notice a pattern by where people make an assumption that terraform somehow can maintain resources that have a transient state by nature. What Terraform Does Do Before we define a resource that might be transient, let’s start with a reasource that doesn’t have a transient property.


Why Mega Man? One of my favorite games growing up, but as I progressed through my career I chose to adopt this little guy as my avatar because as you move through the Mega Man game, you defeat bosses and gain skills. Your starting point is, of course, a single skill. As you quickly discover, your single skill isn’t terribly effective against most of the opponents you have to choose from.